Practical advantages of 20ft freezer containers

Compact, reliable, and secure. Holds up to x10 Euro Pallets or x9 metric pallets per layer.


We can deliver units anywhere within the UK.
Can store up to x10 Euro Pallets or x9 metric pallets per layer.
Free no obligation site survey carried out by our inhouse team.
Built to be strong, durable, robust and secure.
Low noise and low energy consumption (in comparison to our competitors).

Standard Features

Temperature range from -35°c to +30°c (3-phase)
Easy Open Butchers door (fully lockable)
Flat flooring for easy maneuver of trolleys
Aliminium loading ramp
Internal lighting including emergency internal lighting in the event of a power failure
Man trap panic alarm

Optional Features

Remote monitoring system (can be accessed via mobile phone, tablet or PC anywhere in the world)
Security Grill
Plastic Strip Curtains

Our Medium sized refrigerated containers are optimal for many different types of use, from storing food produce in bulk to safeguarding the condition of sensitive medical products and other perishable goods. At 20ft length, they are spacious enough to accommodate large pieces of machinery and voluminous enough to store considerable volumes of stock when packed correctly in multiple layers. Their overall usefulness and adaptability make them a best-seller in the market, their key strengths include:

Used in many different industries, in many roles

Refrigerated containers are commonly used by supermarkets, butchers, bakers, florists, retail stores, at outdoor events, and festivals, as well as in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. They often provide much-needed space for the temporary storage of raw materials or finished products. Spacewise containers can be deployed permanently, or rented for a limited period of time and then returned.

Broad temperature ranges

Spacewise 20ft. freezer containers can maintain a constant temperature anywhere within the supported range. In practice, this means goods can be kept in a deep freeze. The cooling system delivers temperatures as low as -35 ͦC, providing a reliable and consistent atmosphere even for the most sensitive cargo.

Convenient for packing and stacking

The rectangular shape of 20ft containers allows for optimum use of the available space and makes it possible to fit product palettes close to each other. Loading is simplified by the presence of an entry ramp, so trolleys can be used inside of the container unit. While the basic construction of refrigerated containers is simple, the 20ft model comes equipped with features that make utilisation easier. For example, internal lighting and flat flooring are important when there is a constant need to bring items in and out of storage, while the slanted loading ramp is useful for storing bulkier goods. Robust security features are also in place, with lockable doors and optional remote monitoring to help ensure that cargo won’t be at risk.

Always available from Spacewise

When storing temperature-sensitive products, it’s important that everything goes exactly as scheduled, so having a reliable storage partner like Spacewise on your side is extremely valuable. We have a wide range of 20ft. units available for lease, and can fulfill even the largest orders quickly. Our containers come equipped with a full range of amenities, and they are regularly maintained to ensure their integrity.




Length 6.00 (20ft 0ins)

Width 2.40m (8ft 0ins)

Height 2.60m (8ft 6ins)


Length 5.40m (17ft 9ins

Width 2.30m (7ft 6ins)

Height 2.30m (7ft 6ins)


Length 2.10m (7ft 2ins)

Width 2.20m (7ft 4ins)



Length 6.00 (20ft 0ins)

Width 2.40m (8ft 0ins)

Height 2.60m (8ft 6ins)


Length 5.00m (16ft 4ins)

Width 2.30m (7ft 6ins)

Height 2.30m (7ft 6ins)


Length 1.6m (5ft 0ins)

Width 2.00m (6ft 6ins)

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Coca-Cola Enterprises developed a strong relationship with Spacewise during the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games. The Spacewise team have worked effectively with CCE providing support to deliver on time solutions for this high profile logistical operation, contributing to a successful Games time operation for our business.



Thank you very much for the service provided by Spacewise. BULKPOWDERS rented 3 x 40ft Refrigerators for the summer season. An excellent service from our initial phone call through to the end of the agreement. Great communications, ease of contract, quick delivery of selected refrigerators, with a faultless rental agreement period. Thank you for the service

Lee Duke


Equipment delivery is good quality and clean. Commissioning (usually next day unless otherwise organised) is complete by suitably qualified engineers and an ‘operating’ explanation given to the end user.

In addition their after-sales support is very good, tech. offering advice and engineer if deemed appropriate.

Sophia Chumber

Entourage Live

We contacted Spacewise to supply us with 2 refrigeration storage units on behalf of the client and their bar supplier as a long hire during the peak season. We haven’t experienced a single problem with them and we have found the team to be helpful and reliable at all times. Happy bar company, happy client! They come highly recommended.

CEME, Marsh Way, Rainham, Essex, RM13 8EU